Rating rules



Rating rules

  1. You can participate in the rating only if you have purchased an airline ticket(s) on Tickets.ge and took the flight.
  2. You can evaluate an airline the day after the flight based on the last segment of the route.
  3. You can only evaluate an airline company you have traveled with. If you traveled with several airlines within one flight, you will be automatically offered to evaluate each of them.
  4. If you want to vote, you will have to indicate the number of your booking (order) on Tickets.ge. If several people traveled under one booking number, the airline can be evaluated only once regardless of the number of passengers.
  5. If you are a regular customer of a certain airline, the number of times you can evaluate it will equal the number of flights you have taken with this airline. Your opinion of the service provided by the airline may differ from flight to flight.
  6. Most of the parameters are mandatory for evaluation, the rest are optional. You can't skip any of the mandatory indicators, otherwise your input won't be saved and accepted.
  7. Please, do not evaluate at random. Try to remember every feature as accurately as possible and rate it out of 5 stars. The more accurate your evaluation is, the more accurate is the overall rating.
  8. To keep the rating objective, we suggest that you avoid giving only the highest or the lowest evaluations.
  9. Once you save your evaluation, you can't go back and change it.
  10. We display an airline in the rating only after passengers have evaluated at least 200 parameters.
  11. You can find the information about any airline whose tickets are available for purchase on Tickets.ge by typing its name or IATA number in the "Find the airline" box.

If you have evaluated an airline, saved the results, but don't see it in the rating, it means that the airline hasn't gained 1700 passengers' votes. Once that happens, a new position will appear in list of TOP airlines.

Tickets.ge Airline Rating is an independent rating that is based on our passengers' evaluations. The data is updated instantly as new evaluations appear.

The main purpose of the rating is to get an objective evaluation of the airlines whose tickets we sell. When voting, the passengers
fairly and objectively assess the level of comfort provided by a certain airline.

The rating includes all the basic criteria of service: easy check-in, the quality of in-flight services, the conditions during the flight and while getting on/off the plane, at the babbage drop-off/reclaim, when traveling with children and other characteristics. We are very attentive to the passengers' wishes and modify the criteria based on your demand.

The main task of the rating is to help you choose the best airline when you are searching for airline tickets on Tickets.ge.

Privacy policy

  • We realize that we are responsible for the privacy of the data you provide to evaluate the airlines.
  • We guarantee complete anonymity of your rating. Your evaluation will not be linked with your email address, IP address, booking number and other parameters.
  • If you have any further questions about the rating rules or the conditions of participation, please contact us at: info@tickets.ge. Please write "Airlines Rating" in the email subject line.

Property rights

© All data of Airlines Rating on Tickets.ge belongs to Tickets.ge company. Any use of the data provided in the Rating is possible only upon agreement with Tickets.ge. Full or partial copying or use of the data as well as publishing the Airlines Rating statistics in any sources without the consent of the copyright holder is prohibited!